Chained Down

Chained Down
Breaking through the Chains

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training, Family, and Food.

Well I haven't posted in a while because my past week was extremely busy.  The week consisted of a lot of studying, training, and preparation for my family's weekend visit.  Prioritizing sucks, but it is a necessity in the busy world in which we live.  I had to miss a day of training and set aside some friend time, computer time, and other things for the week.  I wanted to make sure that I got all of the studying done I needed for that week and the upcoming week.  I also had to clean my apartment so that my family could spend the weekend in a livable environment.
Since I have not posted in a while, I will first update some of my training.  Last week I ate pretty low calorie and low carb because I knew that I would be loading up on the weekend with my family!  Therefore, I was lacking in energy and strength.  However, I was still able to have some pretty decent workouts.  Last Monday I was able to get 12 deep ass reps with 455 on squat and also 8 reps on deadlift with 415.  I was very pleased with my deadlift because, due to some lower back pain, I had not deadlifted in about 3 weeks.  Last Thursday I had a pretty crappy workout because I was so tired.  But, I hit 365 for one after all my sets on bench press.  I didn't go all out, but I did it pretty easy... I estimate it is about 90% of my max.  Friday, my family came into town and I had a pretty good workout with my little brother and then treated him to some Smoothie King!  We did back together... after doing about 40 pullups I hit One Arm Rows with 150 pounds for 18 on each arm.  We also did some bent over rows, V-bar pulldowns, and some curls at the end.  I was far more impressed with my brother than myself.  When we started lifting I had to assist him on every pull-up almost.  Friday he did 10 on his first set pretty easily without any assistance.  He also did 55 pounds on one arm rows and matched my 18s.  Then, he out repped me on pulldowns with the weight he was using!  He is getting pretty strong.
After working out Friday, I continued to have a fantastic weekend with my family.  We did a lot of bonding, eating, and playing with the Ripster.  I ate so much!  Friday night I had a Gyro and sweet potato fries at Volta; Saturday morning I had 3 Oat Pancakes and a biscuit at BBB's; I ate animal crackers all day, had a footlong sub, and then ate some chicken pad thai that night!  I finished the night with a Sonic Oreo blast... mmm I love playing fat boy! Sunday I ate Abners grilled chicken.  Oh how I wish I had some more of those cookies that almost resemble zoo animals :)

I ended my fantastic weekend with my family and said my sad goodbyes.  Family is awesome.  I love them so much.  A strong family can help you get through anything.  I am so thankful.  We fight like wild dogs, but in the end we are the best of friends.  Also, the fighting can be a great form of entertainment.  I was fortunate enough to witness my little bro and sis exchange some powerful punches to the face!  It was  awesome!  My mother's wrath following was not so awesome. 

After they left, I had another pretty decent workout.  I did standing military with perfect form, no leg movement at all.  I finished with 195 for 1 pretty easily; again, I estimate that to be about 90%.  I then followed that with some barbell shrugs.  My last set I did a rest-pause set with 475 pounds.  I did 9 reps, waited 15 seconds, and then did 7 more.  After the shrugs, I did some seated dumbbell presses. My last set I did 90 pound dumbells for another rest-pause set.  I hit 10 reps, rested 15 seconds, and then did 3 more reps.  I finished the day with some light machine side laterals, light high pulls, and a high-rep set of dips.  All in all I was pleased.
Great weekend... now on to a night of studying for my first test of the semester.  Wish me luck.


  1. I love your family and you are a very lucky youngman. My sister used to beat my ass on a regular basis. Have a great sprin Cody Bobe. Joe and Alli are great kids. Joe is a very mature lad.

  2. I am so proud of you Cody! You really are an amazing young man. When ever you meet your significant other she is going to be truly one lucky gal (or guy if thats what your into) Okay that 2nd part was a joke but I always talk about what an awesome young man you have turned out to be and how the girl you pick is going to be super lucky. I love reading your blogs. Glad you and your family had a good time. You do have such a wonderful family and relationship with them. Im ready to see you so hopefully it warms up and you and the boys can come visit. You know my birthday weekend would be a good time. :) Anyways keep up the good work. Love your one and only Sissy!