Chained Down

Chained Down
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Post-- An introduction to myself

Hello everyone, my name is Brett "Cody" Bobe.  This is my first post and an introduction as the title describes.  I am 20 years old and I am currently enrolled at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).  As the media has so frequently stated, the school I attend faces many obstacles itself:  mascot, student song (From Dixie with Love), school history, etc.  In high school I played football and wrestled and did not take academics very seriously until I realized that my childhood dream of playing Division 1 football would not be realized... how sad, right?  That seems to be a common dream amongst many teenage boys.
Just a warning: my first post is on more of the serious note... I believe a semi-serious introduction is necessary.  As I continue to write, many of my blogs will be of a less serious nature and hopefully more entertaining.
Currently my interests have been directed to powerlifting, politics and world issues, family, and various other things.  Powerlifting is probably the thing that I devote the majority of my time to outside of school work.  I desperately want to be the best in the sport, no matter how possible that might be.  That is a reoccuring theme in my life-- trying to be the best.  Very rarely has that been a reality and it has resulted in many bouts of depression and self-pity.  Something that sadly many of us are victims of, even though it should not be the case.
Outside of powerlifting, I am very devoted to my school work.  In school I am studying Public Policy and Political Science.  I was raised in a very conservative family-- typical afternoons consisted of listening to Rush, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and other conservative radio hosts.  As many of my views have changed, I have been subjected to much confrontation within my family.  However, I am under the belief that one should not allow others to dictate your beliefs.  My main concern is the future of this great earth we live on.  The American economy is unsustainable, our agricultural methods are unsustainable, the environment is unsustainable, the friction amongst rivaling nations is unsustainable.  In fewer words, I believe our future could be very different unless we begin changing our ways of life.
I know not everyone will agree with my views, my training methods, my interests, or what I have to say... but, we can all appreciate struggles in life and I hope to help others push through those.
On this blog, I may also review things that I enjoy: supplements, foods, websites, etc.  Hopefully, all that I write will help someone in some way.

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