Chained Down

Chained Down
Breaking through the Chains

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training with the Broski and the B-- the cycle continues

Over my winter break from school I have been training with both my younger brother and the powerlifting guru himself, Glenn Beuchlein.  First, I will discuss the training with the B.  Glenn Beuchlein is a teacher at the high school I attended and was probably the single greatest influence on my passion for "pumping iron" as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say.  Beuchlein is a 700lb+ bencher and is in his mid-40s, he contributes to as a writer, and has also written a book ("The Tao of B").
I first began training with B leading into my junior year in high school.  I came to him trying to get stronger for football.  At the time I was very weak and was just fat and out of shape.  Eventually, I would go on to lose around 60 lbs. and push myself into great shape.  I credit B for part of my turn around because weight lifting was a very big factor in my body transition.  And on a side note, if I could lose weight anyone can.  I believe I love food, have a slower metabolism, and am lazier (or at least by nature) than anyone on this planet.  Below is a younger, chubby me:

Anyhow, training with B is an unbelievable experience every time I enter his lair and he is always willing to pass on knowledge.  His gym consists of a basement, some weights, a stationary bike, and usually a group of guys willing to do anything to get stronger. His style of training is unlike any set program that can be found on the internet.  There is no set routine, percentages, volume, or whatever so-called trainers like to prescribe.  A chest day could consist of Benching with Kettlebells on the barbell along with several chains, pressing 100 lb. kettlebells off of a swiss ball (last time, the B got 33 reps for Larry Bird), doing pushups with around 200 lbs. of chains on your back, and other crazy exercises.  It never gets old.  I am grateful everytime I get to come home and train with B.  He is a great friend, teacher, and lifter.  Not trying to get all sentimental like Leo Dicaprio in Titanic.  By the way, I don't care who you are, that is a kick ass movie!
Below is some training in B's Gym:

In addition to training with and being mentored by the B, I have gotten the opportunity to mentor my younger brother and introduce him to weight lifting.  The broski's name is Joe Wayne and he is currently in the big 8th grade.  I guess him training with me is a little bit of a rebellion, because he is supposed to be training with the high school football team.
I stopped him from doing that for a couple of reasons: 1. The weight room is way too crowded 2. I DO NOT trust his coaches (I had bad experiences and will discuss in a future blog) 3. I wanted to make sure he uses good form 4. I do not feel that the pressures of other kids his age to "max out" or do whatever will be safe or productive.  I believe learning good technique and receiving one-on-one attention is very valuable starting off.  My younger brother has been exposed to many of the techniques that I have been taught by the great B.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our little bro time everyday and I think I might have sparked a little passion within him for weightlifting.  I am glad he is doing this... I think weight lifting teaches many lessons in life.  I think patience, consistency, hard work, and many other lessons can be taught by the iron!!  I hope he continues to learn, just as a young padiwan like Luke Skywalker would.
The youngster himself having a birthday treat:

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  1. Way to be a great big brother. By the way TITANIC, the movie, does pale in comparison to the SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. You get on with tour learning experiences and become a Southern Gentleman X with Hoosier work ethic and you will be quite the Man.